Save a fortune on games with Humble Bundle

by Miles Warren

If you’re looking for a place to get a ton of games for the lowest prices, Humble Bundle is going to be your new favorite thing. It’s like Steam or GOG in the sense that you’re looking at a big library of games available for purchase, but Humble Bundle offers so much more with bundles, discounts, charity donations, and the pretty sweet Humble Monthly. New to it all? We’ll walk you through it.

What is Humble Bundle?

Founded in 2010, Humble Bundle is a distributing platform primarily for video games, but also for ebooks, software, and other digital content. The greatest thing about it from a consumer standpoint is the bundle system, which lumps a ton of games into one purchase at a semi-adjustable price.

Humble Bundle works in collaboration with big companies like 2K, Sega, Gearbox, Capcom, THQNordic, and Bandai Namco to reach a community of over 12 million customers, and has donated over 130 million dollars to various charities through end-user purchases, featuring a different charity every month.

What’s in a bundle?

At Humble Bundle, you can purchase games like on any other distributing platform, but you can also wait for a bundle . Every month there’s a new one available for purchase, and any bundle can have as many as ten games included. In addition to monthly bundles, there are also a handful of other bundles being cycled through every few days or weeks.

Examples include the above “sports bundle” that has games like Football Manager 2018, Dirt Rally, and Grid 2, or even a “books bundle” that gives you around 20 ebooks on gaming, like Allen Sherrod’s “iOS for Game Programmers” or James Parker’s “Python 3 Pocket Primer.”

How much would you save?

That depends on the bundle! Let’s take August 2018’s monthly bundle for example. The bundle included nine games: Forged Battalion, Escapists 2, The Surge, Woten, Sudden Strike 4, Pathologic, Conan Exiles, Kona, and A Hat in Time.

On Steam, Conan Exiles cost $39.99. On Humble Bundle, the August package that included Conan among eight other games cost $12 . All the games together would have normally cost around $228 . It’s a pretty sick steal.

What’s the purchase/download process?

It’s pretty straightforward: You put the game or bundle in your cart. If it’s a bundle, then along the way you’ll get to decide whether you want to spend extra money to add more to your package. We found it’s usually worth it when you take into account how much they would otherwise cost. After you input how you’d like to pay, you’ll be presented with a number of sliders, which brings us to one of Humble Bundle’s coolest features:

Decide where your money goes.

Once you’ve decided how much you want to pay, you get to pick how it gets distributed. You’ll be picking between the developers, Humble Bundle as a distributor, and charity. With the charities, you can additionally adjust which ones you’ll be donating more to.

Where do I find my downloaded games?

If you have a Steam account any games you get through Humble Bundle will end up in your Steam Library. The process is simple:

Go to your Humble Library (click on your profile name and it’s in the drop-down). Click on the game you want to install.

Choose what platform you have (Windows/Mac/Linux). If you don’t have Steam, click download and it’ll install to whatever folder you set it to. If you DO have Steam (which we recommend), click reveal your Steam key.

Then go to Steam and click add a game on the bottom left. Enter the code and a prompt comes up verifying your transaction. From there you can install on the spot, or whenever you choose.

What is Humble Monthly?

Humble Monthly is a pretty cool paid subscription service from Humble Bundle that guarantees you a complete bundle every month. The subscription is optional, and you won’t need it if you just want to grab bundles or games as you see ones you like, but the deals here are pretty crazy. That Conan one we mentioned earlier is a good example.

Bundles drop the first Friday of every month, and you’ll also get an additional 10% discount off any other purchases you make. You can pause or cancel your Humble Monthly subscription at any time. Lastly, you also get one “Humble original” game with every bundle, which are quirky little games only available through the subscription.

If you want to learn more about the advantages and perks of getting a Humble Monthly subscription, you can go to their page or check out this video:

Go ahead and sign up with Humble Bundle and you’ll be up to your eyeballs with new games to play!

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