Compare the Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Framework. Choose the Best for Beginners.

by Miles Warren

People discuss the advantages and drawbacks of PHP framework. After all, there are so many PHP frameworks. In recent years, PHP language has developed rapidly. It has no longer complex programs and huge systems in your memory. This article will take the four mainstream PHP frameworks as examples. It aims to list the advantages and drawbacks of PHP frameworks. Web developers can make the best choice for different program.

1. ThinkPHP

ThinkPHP was born in early 2006. It aimed to simplify enterprise application development. It also speeded WEB application development. ThinkPHP is friendly to beginners of the PHP framework. ThinkPHP keep the simplicity, practicality and expansion. Excellent performance and simple code are the basics of ThinkPHP. Usability makes all aspects more humanized. The compatible framework has rich files and examples. Someone who learned J2EE before would learn ThinkPHP easier.

Of course ThinkPHP has its shortcomings. The compatible framework has rich files. ThinkPHP's directory structure is chaotic. It will take you a lot of time to sort it out. It means ThinkPHP has limited functions. ThinkPHP is more suitable for the development of small and medium-sized projects.

2. Code Igniter

Code Igniter is best known for its small space usage. Its only about 2 MB with documents. Can you imagine it? The design is simple. There is no gorgeous object structure. Code Igniter achieve high fulfillment rate. It can run with a few simple lines of code. Output with other several codes. The simple framework has some libraries easy to use. That is suitable for developing dynamic websites.

But the limited space makes Code Igniter can only satisfy small applications. It lacks expansion capacity and ordered interior structure. Code Igniter isn't the best option.

3. Yii

Yii framework is an option for developing large-scale web applications. It can be suitable for various web applications. Yii provides all the functions for the development of Web2.0 application. Yii is easy to use. You don't have to learn a new framework or language in advance. The rate of development is also very fast. You only need to write a little code for the application after writing the framework. It saves the development time. It is one of the most efficient development frameworks. But Yii has less guidance and attention for the Model layer. Yii requires users to grasp the PHP skill and OOP programming.

4. Laravel

Laravel, launched in 2011, has developed for several years. It becomes the most popular free and open source PHP framework. Laravel's framework is concise and elegant. Its grammar is expressive. Laravel can offer high-quality documents. It also has rich expansion packages. The high-level flexibility can satisfy with large enterprise applications and small websites. Laravel is the best choice for developers who want to build B2B or enterprise websites. This fully-equipped function makes Laravel cumbersome.

The above is a brief description of the advantages and drawbacks of four mainstream PHP frameworks. They all have their own traits. You can regard these as references. Consider practicability and efficiency when choose a suitable framework. The most suitable framework is the best.

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