Adobe Sign: Definitely one to sign up to

by Miles Warren

Consent is an important part of our culture . Within the boundaries of the law people are free to do as they please and both cannot and should not be forced to do anything without first giving consent.

How is consent given in the business world? For hundreds of years consent has been given through the placement of a unique signature onto a physical document. This document then acts as physical proof of whatever agreement has been consented to.

A modern solution to a modern problem

These days, however, we hardly ever deal on paper and agreements are made online via digital communication all the time. These deals are made quickly and the slowest part of the whole process is when physical copies of digital documents need to be printed out so that they can be signed by the relevant parties.

Adobe Sign offers the solution to this rather modern problem. Adobe Sign is a quick, simple, efficient, and legally binding way of adding a digital signature to any documents that need one. Adobe Sign is already working with leading business systems like Salesforce, Workday and Apptus and complies with industry security settings including PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.

Impressive array of features

Although simple and easy to use Adobe Sign has a plethora of intuitive features designed to make it easier for your employees to offer authorization internally or to deal with clients. It offers a wide range of predefined document templates, the ability to quickly and easily draw up new documents and intuitive tools to make adding signature and form fields as simple as possible.

As well as sending digital signatures Adobe Sign makes requesting authorization an extremely easy task . Requests can be sent to one or more recipients who can then sign in parallel, in a serial order or through some combination of the two. Recipients will receive an email telling them it is time to sign and then with a few quick clicks they can review and sign no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Adobe Sign also makes it easy to track and manage your documents throughout the authorization process. Documents can be tracked in real time with notifications highlighting when somebody has signed – with reminders also being sent when nobody does. This simplified and electronic process means documents can be found in a flash and an audit trail is created automatically.

Another feature of Adobe Sign is that it works across a wide range of apps and devices. Your documents will be available for signature at any time of the day, in any location and on all devices. Adobe Sign already enjoys integration within huge enterprise applications and productivity tools such as Adobe Acrobat DC, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

The simple fact is that when using Adobe Sign, signing and approval time drops from days to minutes . Diners Club UK started using Adobe Sign and they cut signature time to 17 minutes and subsequently grew deal volume.

A solution you can trust from an industry leader

Adobe have been at the forefront of digital documents for years. Adobe Acrobat has been the go to program for anybody using the PDF format for so long now that you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who has used a computer who isn’t familiar with it.

Adobe are also famous for their renowned and industry leading graphics software suite which includes programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator.

When you combine these two distinct types of program and the level of expertise that Adobe has with each, you can see why it is a trustworthy and logical choice for handling your legally binding digital signatures.

The potential to pay for itself

Adobe Sign’s pricing is structured across four plans: Individual, Team, Business and Enterprise. You can check out the full list of Adobe Sign features that you get with each plan here . Individual accounts are designed for small businesses with only one user whilst a team account can cater for 2-9 users. Adobe Signs Business and Enterprise Accounts have more extensive suites of features and are designed for 10 or more users.

Adobe Sign is a premium service and so consequently it comes with a price. Individual accounts will cost you $9.99 per month, a Team account will cost you $24.99 per seat per month and a Business account will cost $29.99 per seat per month. If you’re interested in an Enterprise account then you’ll have to contact Adobe directly to discuss bespoke pricing and you can do so here .

You definitely get what you pay for with Adobe Sign, however, with two clear advantages to be gained from switching to using a safe, secure and quick e-signature program like Adobe Sign.

The first is speed and efficiency . As we’ve already mentioned you can cut you’re signing and approval time down from a period of days to mere minutes. By cutting out the need to for physical signatures Groupon were able to increase the number of contracts they signed by 11% without adding to headcount.

The second major advantage is lowering your Carbon Footprint . By cutting out the need for physical signatures you’ll be using a lot less paper, which in turn means you’ll have no need to store all of the physical copies of digital documents that you’ve been printing simply for the sake of signatures. As well as the bottom line related to the costs associated with physical filing systems it is well documented that taking proactive efforts to reduce your Carbon Footprint can provide commercial benefits these days.

Definitely one to sign up to

Adobe Sign has been the highest rated e-signature app in the Salesforce community since 2006. It is used by businesses of all sizes – including Fortune 1000 companies, government, financial, and healthcare organizations – to accelerate critical business processes in Sales, HR, Legal, Operations and more. We’ve already mentioned Diners Club UK and Groupon but other global companies like Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia Motors, KLM Airlines, Ricoh and many more industry leaders are already using Adobe Sign. It isn’t hard to see why such reputable companies are taking advantage of Adobe Sign’s ability to accelerate signature processes, improve tracking and centralize management of signed documents.

With Adobe Sign offering so many excellent features to accelerate your business processes, and global industry already taking advantage, the real question that needs to be asked is how long you and your company can afford to stay out of the fast lane.

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