What is the Practical Application of Python?

by Miles Warren

As we all know, we are now in an era of network information. If we say that the two major changes in human society are the two industrial revolutions. The third major change in the world will probably come from the information revolution. It is hard for us to imagine in this era. If a country or a person loses real-time information transmission. How can we maintain a normal life state. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the learning of network knowledge. Especially network programming. More and more people take the initiative to learn computer language. We can even see the slogan "middle school students are learning python programming, what's your reason to refuse?". Why do you pay attention to Python in many programming fields? Do you know what practical applications Python has?

In short, the practical application of Python is data-driven. Its fields are all around data. It includes data acquisition, processing, processing, analysis and application. These are the five major areas where Python is used. Data acquisition is actually a web crawler, which can help you with automated testing. After getting the data, the data processing begins. This processing includes data cleaning. Just like washing rice, the defective rice grains will be removed. Cleaning data is to filter out abnormal data. In addition, there are data formatting and storage. This is all part of data processing. Then there is the so-called web service. In short, it is to make an external access program for collecting good data, such as web pages, small programs, etc. This operation is mostly used for web development and background services. Further down is the application of two major areas. Data analysis and artificial intelligence. For all the work that needs to obtain information, the fundamental purpose is to use information. After getting the data, you must perform accurate and detailed analysis to get the desired results. Therefore, the process of data analysis includes multiple steps of data analysis, optimization and decision-making. For the part of artificial intelligence, many people may think it is very abstract. What is artificial intelligence? In fact, it is to predict the content of data after a series of data processing. The application of the first four fields is to mine and manipulate the established data. To put it simply, it is to use what you have. The high level of artificial intelligence is that it can escape from the top four areas. And make a virtual prediction of the future The virtual prediction also includes classification prediction, regression prediction and cluster prediction. This is undoubtedly a more advanced use of computer programming language in data.

In fact, for this increasingly information-based world. People without internet skills do have a lot of inconvenience. The emergence of Python is also the embodiment of the needs of social life. Python is really simpler than other complex programming. After all, python was invented to make programming easier. Interested people can learn!

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