A Practical Tool -- Introduction to Python

by Miles Warren

Because it is simple, comprehensive and easy to use. Python has become a popular programming language in recent years. Many people have learned the grammar and basic functions of this language. But they don’t know what Python can do and how to do it. In fact, Python is widely used. Python is a practical and interesting skill both at work and in life. But many people who don't work on programming will wonder what Python can do? This article will introduce readers to what Python can do.

Let's start by looking at how the world's major technology companies use python.

Google has been using Python since the beginning. And python has won a place in the technology giant's main server-side Language Camp. Spotify uses Python for data analysis and back-end services. According to their team, python gives them an ultra fast development channel. Instagram uses Python because of its simplicity. The service is known to run "the world's largest deployment of Django web framework.". Django is written entirely in Python. But what can Python do for individual users?

First, we can do big data analysis. Python has a natural advantage in data analysis, which is more efficient than Java. It has a large and active scientific computing ecology. It has perfect and excellent database in data analysis, interaction and visualization. If the reader learns to use Python for data analysis. Data-driven will greatly improve your work efficiency.

Second, we can do financial analysis. Python is the most widely used language in financial engineering. We can often see examples of quantitative trading, financial analysis and so on in Python practice. Python can be used to solve linear and nonlinear problems in finance. And how to draw the implied volatility curve with options according to the finite difference method.

In addition, python can also be used for app development. Python can develop OS X, Linux, windows, IOS, Android and other platforms. If learners are interested, they can use Python to develop an app of their own and put it on the shelf. This can give learners a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Python also has powerful data processing functions. It is of great help for data mapping and improving office efficiency. Imagine the data gathered by your colleagues in a few hours in an office environment. You use Python to finish the process in tens of minutes.

In addition to the above, python can also be used to write automated scripts. You can write a python script and let the computer operate the repeated operations. This can save a lot of time. In terms of web page development, there are a lot of Python now. It is simple and efficient to develop. Because Python also has frameworks for website development, such as flag, Django, and bottle. Whether you're developing a personal or corporate website, Python is up to it.

That's what Python can do. Hope these introductions can help readers have a comprehensive understanding of it. We hope to see more and more people learn this language. And complete self-improvement in the learning process.

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