Java Language Learning Process

by Miles Warren

Facing the Java language, many people have no way to start. And they do not know how to learn. So how to learn java language well? It's not complicated. The following is how to learn the Java language that you can learn from.

1. Basic language learning

Mastering the basis of language is the first step in learning. Otherwise, even if you do something wrong, you will not know. It's not about remembering all the basics. For example, all Java keywords, core concepts or basic coding techniques should be memorized. Even if there is something you can't understand, be sure to repeat this step. In order to master the core concept, read it again. Don't estimate the right or wrong of personal understanding, just connect them.

2. Start to write small programs

If you are familiar with most of the basics and concepts, and can connect them in some way. Then you can move on to the next step. You can start trying to write some very basic Java programs. For example, printing Hello world, realizing simple addition and subtraction, etc. Write more programs, first try to code independently. And then ask for help through Google if you have problems. The following java basic procedures, which is very suitable for beginners.

(1) Display text information.
(2) Display a list of numbers from 1 to 50, each number on a separate line.
(3) Find the maximum and minimum of the two numbers.
(4) Exchange two numbers in a variety of ways.
(5) Write a calculator program, so that it can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.
(6) Create two classes and practice overloading and rewriting.
(7) Use arrays in your program.

3. Use Java API to write advanced program

When you complete most basic programming and master the basic programming skills. Then you can proceed to the next step. It is recommended to learn java collection and API inside Java IO. You need to be familiar with the various classes and interfaces provided by these APIs. And you need use them to create programs. You should look for existing APIs and methods to implement functionality. It's not individuals who implement these logics. The task is to familiarize yourself with these APIs. Solutions can only be found in these existing APIs.

Use the APIs and classes provided by Java as much as possible. Receive input from the console and print. Read the file from the file system and print the file content in the console. Create a new file and write data to it. Read the data from the URL and do some searching for its content to store the elements in a list. Use HashMap to store random key value pairs. And then traverse it in a variety of ways. Search and sort the collection elements.

4. Writing desktop programs and web applications

Through this part, you can easily face a variety of Java interviews and discussions. But we must write a java desktop or GUI application (such as calculator). Or web application (such as hospital management program). No matter how to get the solution, the premise is that the two programs must be written independently. When you complete these two programs, you will feel that Java is so easy to learn.

Through the above steps, everyone will master how to learn java language well. And you can also learn in excellent Java blogs and forums to get more. If you have mastered it then you can share your experience. We can exchange our experience and improve together.

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