Apple fans are putting their new Macs in their freezers to beat heating problem

by Miles Warren

Apples recently released MacBook Pros can be bought with Intel’s Core i9 processor. Though this processor is powerful, this option is expensive, with the lowest spec model including it costing $2,800.

Apple had advertised that these new MacBook Pros could reach speeds of 2.9 GHz. However, the cooling system included within the MacBooks can’t keep up with the new processor, causing the laptops to overheat and their processors to slow down significantly. Apple fans have gotten creative in order to hit the advertised speeds, with Dave Lee aka YouTuber Dave2D going as far as to put his MacBook in his freezer.

The 2018 MacBook Pro with an i9 processor was only able to beat the clock speed of the 2017 MacBook Pro with an i7 after Dave put it in the freezer. When the new MacBook Pro gets too hot, it automatically throttles its clock speed. While this prevents the laptop from getting dangerously hot, it also prevents the device from maintaining even its base clock speed. This has understandably upset many Apple users, as their $2,800 device cannot perform at advertised or even baseline speeds.

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Apple relies on their devices being as streamlined and simple to use as possible. The Apple audience does not expect to have to use under-the-hood or 3rd party solutions in order to get more performance out of their device, especially for a device with such a premium price tag. Apple’s MacBook Pro line had been criticized by laptop enthusiasts for a few years because their processors have been a generation behind. It’s disappointing that when Apple finally decides to move to the next generation of processors they’re completely crippled by heating issues.

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