iPhone X: New video shows extreme drop test from a 1000ft-high bridge!

by Miles Warren

Are you ready for the most insane drop test of the day? A man decided to toss his iPhone X from the highest bridge in California to find out what would happen. This one might surprise you…

Most new technology fans are familiar with drop tests. In general, they help to determine the durability of smartphones in everyday situations, like being dropped from a few feet.

But on YouTube, where normal rules don’t apply, one brave soul chucked his iPhone X off a bridge 1,000 feet in the air. Why? Why not! Here’s how it went down.

Without a protective case, the iPhone X survived the fall, but sustained major damage: cracked glass, smashed battery, etc. But the most surprising thing is that the phone, including the touch screen, still worked.

The man behind the experiment even managed to recover the video taken by the falling iPhone X, which, like the iPhone 8, is available with a new official wireless charger. It was a silly little experiment, but let’s be honest, it’s fun to find out what such expensive smartphones are capable of withstanding!

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