What are the Development Directions after Learning Python?

by Miles Warren

With the continuous development of science and technology. The language in the field of computer is also constantly updated. On the computer language, Python is becoming more and more popular. Because Python is simple and fast to learn, it is the preferred language for many novice programmers. So what's the career of Python?

First, web development. Web front end has always been the existence that can not be ignored. Everyone is inseparable from the network and web front end. Python framework can be used to make a website, and are some beautiful front-end interface. In addition, we need to master the application of some data. After learning python, you can do web development. Because there are fewer people learning Python now, but there are a lot of people recruiting python. So Python web is a very good choice.

Second, web crawlers. Use all network data as resources. Targeted data collection and processing through automated procedures. The crawler development project includes cross crawler strategy, high performance asynchronous IO, distributed crawler, etc. In-depth analysis of the Scrapy framework source code. In order to understand its principles and implement a custom crawler framework. Python is more commonly used in the case of web crawler, the earliest use of Python for web crawler is Google. And python has also been driven to develop.

Python has a lot of tools in this area. For example, Requests for simulating HTTP requests, PyQuery/BeautifulSoup for HTML DOM parsing, Scrapy for automated distributed crawling tasks. Both make Python one of the preferred languages for data crawling. Python is also very good at analyzing and calculating crawled data. At present, the popular web crawler framework in Python is scrapy, which has very powerful functions. So web crawler is also a good development direction of Python.

Third, artificial intelligence (AI) and robot learning. Artificial intelligence is a very popular field now. This makes the future of the Python language full of unlimited potential. Python is dynamic enough to have enough performance. This technology is what AI needs. Machine learning, especially most of the popular deep learning tool frameworks provide Python interface. Because Python's concise and clear syntax is very popular with developers.

Fourth, data analysis. Python has a complete ecological environment. This is very helpful for data analysis and processing. For example, distributed computing, data visualization, database operation and so on are needed for "big data" analysis. All of this can be done through very mature modules in Python.

Fifth, server operation and maintenance. Python also has a place in the server operation and maintenance section. Currently, almost all Linux distributions come with a Python interpreter. Using Python script for batch file deployment and operation adjustment has become a good choice on Linux server. And Linux operation and maintenance must master Python language. Python is a very powerful programming language. It can meet the job requirements of Linux operation and maintenance engineers. So as to enhance the individual's ability. Operation and maintenance engineers need to develop a complete automation system independently. This is the real value of the embodiment, to prove their own ability.

Sixth, python automated testing. As you all know, python language is very helpful for testing. Python language is widely used in automated testing, and it can improve work efficiency. It can be said that Python is too powerful. It can to master and be familiar with automated processes, methods and templates used.

There are at least six choices for Python development direction. In the face of the future development of science and technology, there will be more opportunities. Always in line with science and technology, ideas will be more advanced.

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