This app turns your desktop into a window onto the world

by Miles Warren

Would you like to make your desktop do more than just look good? If so, you might be interested in World View Wallpaper , which will take you on a world tour from right there on your desktop.

WVW collects thousands of photos from around the world and then shows them to you over time. It’ll help with your motivation as you’ll be able to see what is happening all over the world. They say that visualization is the best to mold your mind. If you have a dream to travel around the world, constantly seeing all the best cities and regions the world has to offer will help you achieve your goal. A continuous change of landscape will also help stimulate your creativity .

The app is available for free for Windows, Chrome, and Android but the macOS version costs 5 dollars. The file size is about 500mb, which is logical considering it stores one image per minute. It’ll replace the photos regularly so you’re not always looking at the same images over and over.

Another interesting feature of World View Wallpaper is that it shows you what each location looks like at the exact moment when the image appears on your desktop. For example, if you see an image of New York at 1pm, it will be an image taken at that time.

For example, this is how the Caribbean looks at 6:43 in the morning.



You can download World View Wallpaper using this link .

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