The easy way to synchronise your files

by Miles Warren

How many devices do you own? Chances are you have a laptop, smartphone, and maybe even a tablet. If you’re really into gadgets, throw in an external HD, digital camera, and a Kindle as well. Maybe a GoPro, a flash drive, a digital photo frame… the list goes on.

As our technology family grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all our files. Often, they get split between different devices, and hunting them down and organising them is a frustrating, time-consuming chore.

Your computer is almost certainly the most powerful device you own, so it makes sense to use it as a hub for handling all your files. That way you’ll know what’s stored across all your devices, you can delete anything you don’t need, and recover content you might otherwise have lost.

Synchronising your devices is no easy task, however. First, you need to decide what to copy. Otherwise, you could end up with duplicates that waste valuable space on your hard drive. You also need to organise copied files into folders so you can find them again.

Ashampoo Media Sync - $17.99

You might not want to copy every file extension, either. If you’re connecting the office flash drive, for example, you might only need the reports (DOC) and not the spreadsheets (XLS). Or if you’re backing up ebooks, you only need the ebook files (AZW, EPUB, or MOBI), and not the note files (MBP). Sorting file libraries is yet another tedious task to perform.

We’ve found a much better way to synchronise files in Ashampoo Media Sync . This powerful synchronisation tool takes all the hassle out of file management while still keeping you in control of your files. Configure your device once, and Ashampoo Media Sync will remember it forever, only synchronising the files you want, and organising them into separate folders for videos, music, images, and documents.

So how does it work?

The first time you attach your device, you configure exactly what to sync right down to the file extension, and then set the output location (a folder on your hard drive, for example). When you reattach the device again, Ashampoo Media Sync will synchronise automatically using these preferences, ensuring you always have an up-to-date file library for all your devices in one place. If you’d rather choose syncing options each time, deselect Auto-run (in Manage Devices) and quickly scan and copy files with just a few clicks.

Ashampoo Media Sync - $17.99

Organising and managing files with Ashampoo Media Sync is so easy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Better yet, there’s a 40% discount off the retail price of $29.99, making it a steal at just $17.99 . At that price, it’s the perfect way to manage your files while also saving you time.

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