How to protect your devices from water

by Miles Warren

You and I both know it: there’s nothing more annoying than your cell phone falling into water. Though many gadgets already have protection against liquids, it’s best not to put them to the test. In fact, we recommend adding an additional security layer to protect against liquids, so your devices last even longer.

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How to protect your devices from water

For iPhone

There are dozens of cases, and each one has a different size (just like the iPhone). However, we really like the Ounne brand . They usually come with IP68 certification, which guarantees industry standard quality. Also, the cases have excellent protection against dust, scratches, hits, lousy weather, spills, ice and even dirt.

Check out all the available models. Here, we’ll leave you with one for the iPhone 7 .

From: Amazon

For Samsung Galaxy

In the previous section, we gave you the option to protect your iPhone; the Galaxy is no different. The waterproof Jaity case responds pretty well when it comes to protecting against water. Are there better ones? Yes, of course, but many of them aren’t designed to protect against liquids, but rather hits, scratches, etc. That’s why this waterproof case is a great option.

It also has IP68 protection, as well as a great design that lets you access all the smartphone buttons without any trouble. By the way, it’s also attractive and doesn’t usually clash with the device’s design, for which we’re thankful…

From: Amazon

For sports cameras

What’s a sports camera without the possibility of using it underwater? Though in most cases these gadgets already come with a standard case for protection, it’s convenient to have a backup or even to buy a better one. Here’s where the Kupton case comes in .

Considered one of the best by users, it can be submerged up to 45 meters in the case of scuba diving, i.e., pretty deep. Also, it’s designed for surfing or snorkeling, since the quality doesn’t change the image or video quality: it stays clear and crisp as if nothing it isn’t even there.

From: Amazon

For tablets

Do you have an iPad, a Samsung Tab or another popular tablet? The MoKo case fits the major market brands perfectly. And yes, it’s completely waterproof, so you can bring your device to the pool or the beach, for example, and not worry about its safety one bit.

The material of the case lets you maintain 100% control of the touchscreen. Likewise, it also has all the features of rear and front cameras. Though, we must note that it doesn’t protect against extreme temperatures, so use it carefully this summer.

From: Amazon

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