Could these be the worst Star Wars costumes ever?

by Miles Warren

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens shook the world over the weekend, as millions of us flocked to the cinema to take up where we left off all those decades ago. If you have made it to the cinema to see the movie, you may have been impressed by the costume efforts of certain movie-goers. Full Stormtrooper attire, Vader masks and the occasional brown “Jedi” bath robe were among the congregations, which just goes to show the passionate and devoted following the Star Wars saga has acquired in its almost-40 years of existence.

We thought we’d celebrate that passion and devotion in an alternative (and funnier) way, by taking a look at the worst Star Wars costumes of all time. Brace yourself!

Possibly more John Lennon than Chewbacca?

For those of you confused, the real Leia is on the right.

A cereal box can go a long way, although on this ocassion, it doesn’t seem to have gone far enough….

You have to give him credit for imagination and effort…

Wherever she is, she’s obviously having the time of her life.

A bit of alumnium foil can really give that realistic “carbonite encasing” look.

This guy has done an incredible job hiding any human-like features, and could easily be mistaken for the short robot.

We don’t know why he even bothered…

Would you believe that that is actually a bucket on his head. Yes, a bucket!

“I look a bit like Jabba in my duvet” she said. “I’ve got a tiara”, said the other.

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